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Moritz Rafeiner is an artist and painter based in Munich, Germany.

Moritz finds  inspiration in daily life. He captures new ideas spontaneously in a  sketch before transposing them into a painting.

Renowned for his lively portraits and for graphical art, for Moritz, a portrait is a journey of self-exploration.

A portrait is deconstructed in its basic geometrical constituent parts that can be  projected to a larger canvas later. Elements are re-arranged for an  interesting alienation. He subversively depicts iconic pop culture  characters, too.

Moritz uses  varied tools and techniques – including pencils, brushes and even his  plain hands for applying materials like graphite, oil and acryl paint to  a canvas.

Although pieces that are rich in culture, they are intended for a broader audience, not for art enthusiasts only.

Moritz likes using well known logos and trademarks, as well as famous people as elements in his work.
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